Verifying Identity Across Industries

Its as simple as taking a selfie

EntropyX solution has the potential to cater to several industries and institutions. Our innovative SDK allows users to verify themselves easily via our unique document verification and facial biometrics technology.

Finance Sector

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Financial companies adopted technology a while back by offering mobile apps recognizing touch ID to facilitate customers. But that’s about the sum total of it all. What about onboarding new accounts and partnerships?

Financial solutions should be widely available online as well as on mobiles and EntropyX can easily facilitate this. The online verification system available on iOS and Android will take mere minutes to confidently certify your banking industry about your new customer.

Insurance Sector

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Many insurance companies are recognizing the advantages of investing in digitizing themselves to offer a more enterprising customer experience. And, EntropyX was built with the same vision.

It doesn’t matter if your company is only offering health insurance or travel insurance or even if its endowment insurance, you will have to take in your customers identity and verify. And it so happens that we offer an online solution perfect for this model.

Your customers will be able to verify their identity within minutes!

Personal Identity

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At the root of every sector, the verification of user identity is essential. And why not? It is after all who we are and what we personify.

Our artificial intelligence-powered algorithms assist you in assuring the industries that you are who you say you are. EntropyX is looking to securely simply the lives of your potential customers when they want to come onboard your service.

So adopt our safe and indisputable tech for identity verification to check into hotels, airports, confirming car licenses and much more!

Have a Project in Mind?

EntropyX is powered by an intelligent algorithm capable of verifying customers through facial recognition with high accuracy.